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About Us


Consilium LLC’s investment philosophy is
embedded in financial academia and based on the notion that most public markets are efficient; asset & sub‐asset allocation are the key determinants of portfolio risk and return. The alternative/private markets are decidedly different, where manager selection is paramount. In support of these principles, we create plan line‐ups and portfolios to promote the following:

  • Superior diversification from a dynamic core
    and satellite apportionment

  • Comprehensive asset class & sub‐asset classexposure

  • Efficiently priced, manager of managers

  • Elevated, risk‐adjusted, returns

Our process is dedicated to an institutional
approach to asset and wealth management
with a commitment to low costs. Alongside
many years of experience in the capital
markets, our solutions are designed for all
We are an institutional firm that manages assets
based on a proven philosophy and processes.
Consilium, LLC is well‐matched for those looking
for long term stewards of their funds.

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