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Consilium LLC’s approach to discretionary asset management is rooted in financial academia and based on the principles that most public markets are efficient, which translates into asset & sub-asset allocation being the key determinants of portfolio risk and return. The alternative/private markets are decidedly different, which is where manager selection is paramount. In accordance with these principles, portfolios are constructed to support the following:

  • Superior diversification from a dynamic core & satellite apportionment

  • Market, liquidity, purpose, asset class & sub-asset class exposure

  • Low cost, non-proprietary, manager of managers

  • Elevated, risk-adjusted, returns

This process is dedicated to an institutional approach to asset management with a commitment to low costs. Alongside decades of experience in the capital markets, these solutions are designed for all environments. Whether it’s a pooled vehicle or separately managed account, Consilium has a range of strategies for clientele – from enhanced cash to long horizon total return.

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